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Navigating the crisis together

Kin + Carta

COVID-19 has changed the world and the way we live our lives.

Every person, business and government is facing disruption and we all need to evolve the way we think and operate.

But the current period of extreme challenge is going to pass. We don’t know how COVID-19 will impact our society, economy and industries, but one thing is certain: our world will not be the same. This is not a moment to sell but to support each other. And together we can find the answers.

What action should you be taking?

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What to focus on now

• Equip your business to immediately respond to the pace of disruption and change

• Adapt ways of working to support a distributed and depleted workforce

• Maintain day-to-day operations amid big swings in demand

• Adjust communication plans so they inform, reassure and speak to your customers

• Access real-time data to make rapid changes and optimise your online experience

What to focus on next

• Spot and respond to opportunities arising from increased services and demand changes in customer behaviour

• Weave the needs and tools that have helped weather the storm into your new operating models and strategic plans

• Pivot or accelerate your business strategies through digital to respond to a world post COVID19

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Latest Strategic Insights

Spotting accelerating changes amidst the Coronavirus crisis

It's hard to know where to begin with predictions about the coming months and years. So we started by looking back to historic events - those that had similar character and scale to what we're experiencing now.

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Digital transformation for post Covid-19 world

The current period of extreme challenges is going to pass, but the world will not be the same. The last decade was defined by the pull of convenience, price and access, we're now experiencing the push.

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Adapting during a crisis using Agile strategy 

As Covid-19 creates a whirlwind for every organisation, adopting an Agile strategy mindset has never been more important. But what does this mean in practice?           

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A playbook for rapid adaption in today's business environment

With organisations of all shapes and sizes facing tough decisions, we wanted to share our approach to business model innovation and how to build agility into your operating model.                                      

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Fewer IBRs more collaborative business reviews in 2020 .        

Independent business reviews just don’t have the level of speed and agility required to succeed, they come too late in the game for both companies and banks. So what are Collaborative Business Reviews and how can they help?

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Covid-19: the perfect use case for intelligent customer service

Could the future of customer service centres be AI based technology such as smart voice and chat assistants? As we look to the future of smart technology, will this effective and engagement customer experience become the new norm?

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How we can help you

Whether you’re prioritising now or next, we’re here to help. Our free offering includes:

Zoom chats with our experts - share learnings and best practice, get advice on specific challenges and work with us to formulate your response strategy. 

Facilitate a remote workshop
 - to maximise your strategic planning, support design prototyping, embed agile ways of working, or kick off a project.

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Could a cloud subscription manage your traffic surges?

Businesses are currently experiencing unprecedented demand. What role could cloud services, and in particular subscription agreements play in help mitigate these irregular demands.

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Getting access to the right data to drive rapid change

How do you cope at a time when your content needs can change by the minute? With rapid optimisation, instant data  is available at your fingertips and can feed into a clear understanding of customer needs.

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The power of data in a time of crisis                                                  

Do you have the accurate and real-time insights you need to manage yourself out of this crisis and further help anticipate how you will adapt to a new normal? Data is powerful and now is the time to act, it’s not too late.

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Healthcare Insights

Implementing wearables and IoT in healthcare

In less than a generation we have moved from a world where technology was big, rare and tethered to a wall, to one in which technology is small, everywhere, and tethered to a human.          

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Future of healthcare is prevention rather than cure

The scale of the current healthcare challenge means the pace of innovation is rapidly accelerating as tools and technologies are used in different ways.                                                          

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How technology can make mental health work better

The Covid-19 crisis has highlighted the importance of improving remote access to mental healthcare. How can technology open up use cases for improving access to and quality of mental healthcare.

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Consumer Insights

Think human, not customer                     

What would happen if we all stopped thinking of visitors as potential customers and dealt with them like human beings? Now more than ever, thinking human rather than customer is a crucial aspect of communication.                                                                                                                                                                                                

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Communicating through the crisis        

We’ve never faced a crisis like this before. We have two options; carry on as before or use our strength as communicators to help. In a time where regular communication is more valuable than ever, read on for our top tips on communicating effectively.                                                                                                    

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Increasing call centre efficiency 

With many organisations cutting costs and trying increasingly hard to retain customers, operational efficiency and innovation to deliver better customer experience becomes more important than ever. How can you maximise customer satisfaction?

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Delivery Insights

Six steps to bolster remote leadership

6 top tips on how to adapt your leadership style to drive positive change and support a fully remote team in these uncertain times.                                      

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Thriving in a crisis       

With a sudden global shift to fully distributed work environment, why not try and make the most of the opportunities to adopt new tools, techniques and ways of working,

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How to present workshops remotely

Presenting meetings in a remote setting is not easy, and best practices can be different to when you are presenting in person. Check out our top tips here.

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For anything else, please reach out with your challenge and we will work out how we can best support you.

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