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Re-writing the Rules of Resilience – How to Develop the Skills We Need to Succeed in Work Today

At a time where our work and home life’s have blurred beyond anyone’s expectation we need to re-frame resilience from bouncing back to bouncing forwards. The mindset of ‘fighting back’ or ‘picking ourselves up’ needs to be replaced with a skillset that emphasises learning, optimism and psychological safety. More than ever we need to develop our self-awareness and create positive habits to help us grow and succeed in a way that works for us and our employer.

Sarah Ellis, co-founder of Amazing-if, an award winning career development company, is on a mission to make work better for everyone. In this 30 minute workshop, we will learn the key tools needed to help us bounce forward and take control of our squiggly career.

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Sarah Ellis, Co-Founder - AmazingIf
Reeha Alder, Employee Experience Director - Kin + Carta Connect

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