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Engage and Inform With Relevant Content Through Changing Times

In disruptive times, most organisations are relying on digital content to engage customers, employees and stakeholders. The speed of your content strategy needs to match the speed of daily challenges.

With Episerver currently offering a 3 month Content Diagnostics package for free, this is a time for quick wins at low cost.

During this interactive and practical fireside chat, you’ll hear from Episerver’s Product Strategy Manager Chris Purcell, Episerver’s Most Valued Professional (EMVP) Paul Gruffydd, and our Data Strategist Mike Davison. They’ll be showing you how to: - Keep content relevant by monitoring trends at topic level - Know the best time to refresh and get the most from your content - Maximise the time of your content producers and content admins - Find the high value topics, which are underserved on the main sections of your site - Create an ongoing toolkit to inform how your content influences user behaviour - Get the best from your free Episerver Content Diagnostics package

Get ready for a half an hour that will help make your content stronger, more relevant and fighting fit for now and the future.

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Chris Purcell, Product Strategy Manager - Episerver
Mike Davison, Data Strategist - Kin + Carta Connect
Paul Gruffydd, Technical Director - Kin + Carta Connect

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