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Communicating Effectively in an Unpredictable Era

This session discusses the crucial adaptations businesses should be making to their marketing communications during the current pandemic to plan for an uncertain future.

There will be no ‘winners’ from these health and economic crises but companies can come out of it stronger, using a combination of crisis comms planning, heartfelt empathy and robust scenario planning. The brands that will emerge well on the other side will be those that respond resiliently by putting their efforts into planning using scenarios not just phases.

Topics covered in this session include:

  • The imperative is to think beyond the current covid phase and start planning communications for post lock down uncertainty and recovery.
  • Often overlooked, planning is the layer between strategy and implementation. It’s the science of how to make good communications happen.
  • A Scenario Planning Framework is the key to anticipating customers’ feelings and emotions in order to be ready for a range of outcomes. Once the signals that mark the transition from one phase to another are known, brands will need to recalibrate comms plans and update their approach as conditions dictate.

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Sandra McDowell, Communications & Content Director, Kin + Carta Connect
Graeme Delap, Strategic Communications Planner, Kin + Carta Connect


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