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Women's CIO Roundtable Event

Strike gold: The B2B commerce opportunity

14 July 2022

4:30-6:00 PM CT


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You're in a space of disruption

As the world continues to innovate and digitalize the once hesitant sector of B2B is adopting Digital Commerce more than ever. As buyer expectations continue to rise, B2B customers are expecting an even richer experience than their B2C counterparts. However, simply replicating a successful B2C commerce strategy fails to highlight all of the unique needs in the B2B space.

In today’s digital-focused, customer-centric business world, commerce solutions must aid in data management, involve sales representatives, quickly and digitally produce quotes, create transparency and visibility into the manufacturing or delivery process, and that is just to name a few.

Depending on where you are in your digital journey the road to B2B commerce may be different but the benefits are all the same. Commerce allows companies to expand their customer reach, reduce cost-to-serve, drive innovation, and ultimately drive more revenue.

Information and data are the new currency and technology leaders are often tasked with helping organizations leverage it for maximum value. However, the innovation necessary to provide clients with a seamless experience can only come from cross functional departments working together.

Event details

Join host Ellie Morrison, Managing Director of Central Territory & Chicago at Kin + Carta, and guest speaker Kami Kris, Experience and Products Managing Director at Kin + Carta, for an intimate discussion around how to begin and or evolve your B2B commerce to create the greatest impact for your business.

You will gain insights on:

  • Latest Digital trends In B2B businesses
  • Biggest challenges servicing legacy business processes in the digital age
  • How to structure and organize commerce solution to benefit all players in the scenario - users, customers, and employees 
  • The role commerce solutions play in eliminating supply chain challenges
  • The importance of becoming customer centric
  • The tech stack required to modify the B2C buyer experience to accommodate key B2B needs
  • Creating a system of truth to better manage and organize data 
  • Key success metrics in commerce

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To ensure the roundtable is a productive and impactful discussion, this event is intended for females, or those who identify as female, senior IT leaders. We will review your registration information and send a calendar invitation over shortly if you meet the criteria.

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