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Serverless architecture

CIO Roundtable Event

Serve the future of modern apps with serverless

02 September 2021

4:30 PM CT


Address the many intricacies of modern application development

Running and scaling customer-facing content-driven applications can be time-consuming, complex, and costly. CIOs and senior IT leaders are always looking for ways to combat these concerns while not having to compromise the quality of products.

One solution: serverless architecture. While still relatively new, serverless addresses the many intricacies of modern application development by enabling teams to dynamically optimize workloads with no dead ends. Coupled with a headless content platform, it allows you to take a product-like approach to your content development enabling you to deploy and scale quickly. And better yet, at a lower overall cost.

With these types of benefits, when is the right time to go serverless?

Event details

In September, host Mark Ardito will sit down with Paolo Negri, Co-Founder & CTO of Contentful, and Heeki Park, Principal SA, Serverless at AWS to explore the complexities of modern application development on serverless architecture.

You'll gain insights on:

  • The benefits of a serverless approach and the appropriate types of applications it is best suited for
  • Real-life examples of serverless architecture profiting organizations
  • How to leverage cloud-native capabilities to deliver at a global scale
  • How AWS provides optimal service capabilities for architecting and delivering a Contentful-driven application
  • An understanding of how headless applications are driving modern content operations at scal
In partnership with AWS
In partnership with Contentful