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Group in boardroom discussion sustainability

CIO Roundtable Event

Integrating sustainability strategies into digital transformation roadmaps

09 December 2021

4:30-6:00 PM CT


The critical role CIOs play to advance company sustainability goals

Sustainability is an issue that transcends businesses and their bottom lines. As we continue to see the impact of climate change and a plethora of environmental issues across the globe, organizations are forced to take a hard look inward to see how they may be negatively impacting the environment without even realizing it.

All of us are left to ask ourselves questions like: How do we ensure that true sustainability lives at the core of the products, platforms and experiences we create, and not just in the outcomes we aim to drive? 

The emphasis on corporate social responsibility (CSR) will only continue to gain momentum, and according to research, 82% of CIOs believe that their organization has a moral obligation to take a stand on societal concerns.

As sustainability and digital transformation continue to gain prime placement on business’ agendas, both domains should be seen as inseparable growth drivers; two un-siloed goals that complement one another. For companies to build a resilient business, they must integrate sustainability strategies into their digital transformation roadmaps.

Bridge the gap between sustainability goals and technology functions

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For IT leaders like yourself, this means, doing the right thing equals building the thing right - From the code we write, to the platforms we build on and the energy we use, it has never been more important to understand the physical impact of our digital solutions.

Join host Mark Ardito and co-host Paul Hunter, Responsible Business Enablement Lead at Kin + Carta, for a discussion around the true meaning of sustainability, takeaways from our recent involvement in the United Nations Climate Change conference, and the exploration of ethical ways to digitally transform your business with a focus on the triple bottom line: people, planet, and profit.

You will gain insights on:

  • Why sustainability is not only important, but necessary now
  • The three pillars of sustainability and the intersection of CSR and IT
  • Important considerations regarding the carbon impact of your digital estate
  • The environmental benefit of moving to the cloud and coding for carbon efficiency
  • Applying technology responsibly and developing responsible, accessible products that mitigate bias
  • How to build greener products with sustainable infrastructure

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