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CIO Roundtable Event

Demystifying AI: Removing barriers and biases

06 December 2022

4:30-6:00 PM CT


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Creating explainable, scalable, responsible models

There is no denying that a successful AI model can result in many benefits, ranging from revenue growth to better decision-making and improved customer experience.

The challenge is not understanding the benefits or seeing key outputs. The real issue is model explainability.

Stakeholders understand the inputs feeding an AI model and can see first-hand the outputs produced, but the uncertainty of what happens in between creates a level of risk that leaders want to avoid.

As individuals come in and out of the organization and more data is collected, model explainability is essential for current and future success.

Model explainability is not only necessary for interpreting output data or debugging systems, but it also plays an important role in uncovering biases.

At Kin + Carta, we believe that transparency enables explainability, explainability enables ethical recommendations and ethical recommendations enable sustainability. This interactive discussion will focus on the characteristics of AI systems that achieve all of these goals, and deliver outsized results.

Event details

Join host Mark Ardito for an intimate roundtable with Cam Turner, VP of Data Science, and Kevin Gumz, VP of Data & AI, from Kin + Carta.

The discussion will address attendees' pressing questions about the possibilities of AI and dig into how organizations can ensure AI is explainable, scalable, sustainable, and ethical.

Gain insights on:

  • Strategizing on your AI roadmap and maximizing your AI investment
  • Creating responsible models by improving privacy, bias detection, and governance.
  • The importance of data engineers over the data scientist magicians
  • Putting the right team in place, thinking beyond just technologists and mathematicians

Weapons of Math Destruction

Algorithms are opinions embedded in code

All attendees will receive their selection of a physical book, audio, or eBook of Cathy O'Neil's, Weapons of Math Destruction. The book details the societal impact of algorithms. Exploring how some big data algorithms are increasingly used in ways that reinforce preexisting inequality.

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To ensure the roundtable is a productive and impactful discussion, this event is intended for CIOs, CTOs, CDOs and SVPs. We will review your registration information and send a calendar invitation over shortly if you meet the criteria.

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