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The CIO Hub

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Today's CIOs are being asked to lead now, more than ever before. And in our ever-changing digital landscape and times of economic uncertainty, CIOs are also arguably under more pressure than other senior executives across the organization to drive change and prove ROI.

That's why our mission is to create a space for CIOs and senior IT leaders, like yourself, to not only stay on top of the technological landscape but also make connections with peers and specialists to support your continued growth.

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Topics to stay on top of

Working with IT leaders across sectors, our community focuses on six key areas that will dominate the CIO agenda and greatly impact the success of your future initiatives in the year ahead.


There is an incredible build-up of “potential energy” stored within data, and as the business value of unlocking this data continues to grow, CIOs must think ahead. By implementing modern cloud data platforms, organizations will be able to make better, faster and fewer decisions from their digital product, organizational, and customer/client data.

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Modernization enablement

IT talent supply is limited, so in order to attract and retain talent, leaders must transform their behaviors and provide their team with a path to close skill gaps. Through the practice of modernization enablement, CIOs can help their firm achieve faster releases of higher quality digital products by eliminating legacy, manual dependencies while simultaneously upskilling individuals on the latest approaches to product development, design, and engineering.

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Artificial Intelligence

Managing large volumes of data is a crucial part of digital transformation however, data management alone isn’t enough to provide business value. To stay ahead and meet demand, CIOs must continue to help their firm enhance the speed, precision, and effectiveness of human efforts by applying AI technology to enable better business decisions and create better customer experiences.

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Culture & Future of work

Massive cultural changes need to take place for organizations to shift towards a digital-first environment, and CIOs have found themselves at the forefront of driving this change. To help shape culture, IT budgets must be used to align business goals with the technologies to meet them and platforms to boost morale in a more remote working world.

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Operation technologies (OT) and information technologies (IT) have long lived in separate silos but to reap the benefits of real-time insights and improved efficiencies the lines between the two must blur. With the power of IoT devices and solutions, the scope of the CIO is changing to include the planning and coordinating of the next generation of operational technologies alongside existing information.

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Real-time technology

As customer experiences rooted in real-time technology continue to set new standards for speed and convenience, batch release systems present a major obstacle for enterprises. Moving from batch to real-time technology can help CTOs and CIOs establish new foundational ways of working that create value across the organization.

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When it comes to igniting organization-wide change, there’s no role under a brighter spotlight than the CIO. As enterprises face both the exponential upside and daunting operational realities of digital transformation, CIOs like yourself are at the forefront of it all. Like many, you envisioned a clear path to the Cloud and now must galvanize your business around the value still to be unlocked. As a community, we’re shining our spotlight on leaders that aren’t just talking about change but are actually making it happen: The CIO Catalysts.

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