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Your CFO is demanding a clearer path to value. Market conditions demand new capabilities delivered with speed, consistency and adaptability. Meanwhile, you’re being bombarded with swaths of “actionable insights” that don’t feel all that actionable or insightful. If this sounds familiar, you’re in the right place. Join a community of fellow CIOs for honest, practical and mission-critical strategies to overcome the challenges in front of you.

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When it comes to igniting organization-wide change, there’s no role under a brighter spotlight than the CIO. As enterprises face both the exponential upside and daunting operational realities of digital transformation, CIOs like yourself are at the forefront of it all. Like many, you envisioned a clear path to the Cloud, and now must galvanize your business around the value still to be unlocked. As a community, we’re shining our spotlight on leaders that aren’t just talking about change, but are actually making it happen: The CIO Catalysts.

Interested in participating in our series or know someone who is a CIO Catalyst? Complete our nomination form here.

Brad Hildestad, CIO Country Financial

Brad Hildestad, CIO at COUNTRY Financial

Brad shares his insights across a broad range of topics including digital trends and strategy, technology modernization, organizational alignment, and IT security.

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CIO Catalysts John Keddy

John Keddy, Chief Technology Officer at Security Benefit

John shares his insights across a range of topics including technology trends and strategy, infrastructure modernization, talent acquisition, and managing change in the age of COVID.

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Sachin Rege CIO Catatlysts

Sachin Rege, Digital Transformation Leader at Wells Fargo

Sachin shares his insights across a range of topics including approaches for optimizing the customer journey, technology advances, cultural and organizational changes, and opportunities resulting from the ongoing COVID crisis.

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The riskiest thing to do is to stand still. In fact, you can't even stand still. You move ahead or fall back. Leaders must innovate, lead, partner, and come up with solutions in a world that pauses for no one.

John Keddy - Chief Technology Officer at Security Benefit

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We’re bringing together a small group of CIOs once a month to discuss topics that are relevant to their industry, pain points, and top of mind questions with our VP of Modernization, Mark Ardito. Roundtables will also feature co-presenter ranging from our very own ‘Catalysts’, to technology partners, as well as analysts. Each session with Mark will be unique to those attending, ensuring that every minute is worth it.

Upcoming Discussions:

  • Jan 25th: GDS Meet the Boss
  • Feb 9th: GDS Meet the Boss

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