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Supply and withstand: The case for Supply Chain Intelligence


Revamp your supply chain with visibility and predictability

The path towards true Supply Chain Intelligence (SCI) exists yet it is uncharted. When AI-based tooling and human supervision come together, highly accurate predictions and recommendations can be made, explainable outcomes can be attained and human invention and creativity can be preserved.

It’s a vision of sustainable digital transformation—one that both leverages technology and empowers humans—that can be realized by every organization concerned with speed and agility in the supply chain.


The case for Supply Chain Intelligence (SCI)

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Key takeaways

Don’t trade efficiency for agility

Planning for a new kind of smart supply chain doesn’t have to involve a trade-off between efficiency and agility; it’s possible to achieve both by adopting SCI and embracing a mindset of continuous learning and improvement.


Human-in-the-Loop systems are critical to any form of automation

SCI is the right blend of people and technology, which is a vital component in the creation of scalable, adaptable, and sustainable supply chain solutions.


The four steps to a successful global supply chain

There are certain steps you need to take to minimize risk and maximize market potential as part of the global supply chain. They are assessment, planning, solutioning, and growth.