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Streamlined Tooling for Key Workers

Kin + Carta's Resilience Sprints

Create simple tools to improve the experience for operations and logistics personnel who are under increasing strain

As the crisis has developed, different parts of many organisations have come under unforeseeable strains and pressures. It’s imperative to adapt to this new pressure - and creating agile and experimental tools to reduce time and operational inefficiencies.

We exist in an age of great uncertainty and resilient organisations are acting now to adapt, survive and thrive in this ongoing crisis. Organisations can adapt to this new pressure placed on certain areas of the workforce by creating agile and experimental tools to reduce time and operational inefficiencies.  

Streamlined tooling outcomes from sprint

What are we offering?

We will perform extensive testing (in person or remotely) with your operations and logistics staff to identify the biggest inefficiencies and pain points where tooling could provide real business value.

We will deliver a non-coded prototype with a user journey map to enable you to see how and what streamlined tooling could reduce the ever increasing strain on your key workers.

Improve the experience for those who are under increasing strain

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Why should you do this?

Key workers often do not have a technical background, therefore it is critical to ensure the tools they use to do their jobs are intuitive and elegantly simple.

Additionally, the right operational infrastructure is key to scaling a business. It's important to take advantage of slower times to lay the groundwork for future growth.

This sprint has the potential to kickstart a new approach to the ecosystem of tools being used by this group and create new forum to get more regular feedback and input from them.


Why choose Kin + Carta?

We have deep experiencing developing enterprise tools for organisations globally. For example, we are working with one of our clients to improve the process of their car delivery service. We conducted interviews with delivery drivers over four days and discovered that key business KPIs around data accuracy were threatened by the driver's poor user experience of having to enter in critical information in multiple different places. We designed a prototype platform to integrate several services into a centralised place.

We ground all product development in Outcome Driven Innovation to understand a problem space deeply, and then identify the most valuable and investment worthy concepts.

To be successful, we’ll need you to talk us through your processes and platforms currently in use and get access to existing tools and your business critical teams in context.

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