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Enhance your Margin

Kin + Carta's Resilience Sprints

Through workshops, interviews and commercial analytics, we identify areas to quickly eliminate unnecessary costs from your business. 

Commercial pressure has led many to focus on overheads and costs that have built up before the crisis. Organisations can establish longevity by ensuring they are efficient and ready to pull through these periods of uncertainty. By allowing us to investigate margin enhancements, you can create a more future-proof organisation.


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What are we offering?

- A strategy discovery workshop with key executives

- Interviews with selected executives to understand the existing cost position and immediate optimisation opportunities
- Analysis of commercial and operational performance, and key supplier contacts

- An initiative design and prioritisation workshop to create a savings and investment roadmap

At the end of this sprint, you’ll have a prioritised roadmap of initiatives focussed on tactical cost-out opportunities and longer-term strategic plays to restructure your cost base (e.g. moving from hardware expenditure to SaaS or outsourcing functions).

Make tactical cost-savings in the short and long term

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Why should you do this?

You need a plan to deliver a longer-term cost structure enabling flexibility and adaptability, de-risking your business without compromising your brand promise to customers.

This has the potential to kickstart identification of new pockets of value to target within your market, customer base or proposition. We could also uncover a hypothesis for an evolved operating model, embedding innovation and agility into your organisation.


Why choose Kin + Carta?

We recently evaluated the European distribution strategy, operating model and cost base for one of the world’s largest sports and outdoor businesses.

In addition to the primary objective of right-sizing the businesses’ cost-base, we delivered a more agile operating model for the sales and distribution function in Europe and identified a backlog of growth opportunities based on a revised distribution strategy.

To make a success of this sprint, we’ll need access to commercial and operational data, strategic documents, key contracts and supplier relationship details. We’ll also need to talk to C-suite and senior leadership team stakeholders.


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