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Data Driven Optimisation

Kin + Carta's Resilience Sprints

Using data and customer insight, we develop a roadmap and change programme that is grounded in ROI potential. 

Many organisations are sitting on a multitude of data and reports that contain answers, but haven’t been interrogated for insights in the volatile context. Taking a look at these now can uncover growth in existing activities and new propositions by utilising the data already collected alongside other novel data streams to ensure you are creating the products and services your consumer base would buy, and optimising effectively.


Data optimisation outcome

What are we offering?

We’ll start with a workshop that will allow us to understand your pain points and gather your ideas and desired business outcomes. From there, we will look at core focus areas for Data Driven Optimisation such as CRO, Site Speed, SEO, Analytics Strategy or all 4. From here specific insight and recommendations will be generated that are focused on improving commercial performance specifically for your organisation.

At the end of this sprint, we will give you a roadmap of optimisation opportunities for your platforms using insights from web, app and performance analytics and Voice of Customer (VoC) data.

Use data to generate ROI

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Why should you do this?

This 10 day sprint will maximise the value of your digital channels by improving commercial performance across the board. It will provide the data and guidance on high value areas of opportunity and a clear focus on what matters to the customer.

This short term project will support in prioritisation of future tools and propositions based on value to business vs cost & effort to implement.


Why choose Kin + Carta?

Data Driven Optimisation is a key capability at Kin + Carta. We've worked with a whole host of clients to optimise their platforms in the best way possible, through data.

We worked with London North Eastern Railway (LNER) to create an implement a programme of change which improved average weekly revenue through the website by 13%.
We also are working with Lexus on their Optimisation programme that has improved test drive conversion rate by 50%.

All we need from you is access to Analytics and Optimisation tools (if CRO a focus area) and a prioritisation workshop to develop agreed list of outcomes, post audit.


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