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Accessing data for growth

Get Data on New Growth Opportunities 

Kin + Carta's Resilience Sprints

Use lean experimentation to get live data on what your customers and target market actually want

With so much uncertainty, growth might not be on the agenda of every organisation. With the radical shifts precipitated by the crisis mean that preferences are shifting, and opportunities for new growth are arising. Organisations can uncover these opportunities across existing services, and brand new propositions by using experimentation, modelling and testing to identify the most promising areas to invest in.

Data on new growth outcome sprint

What are we offering?

We’ll gather key stakeholders, share some inside and outside industry inspiration, and facilitate the generation of growth hypotheses. Following on from this, we will agree priority hypotheses design experiments to test them and run those experiments. This testing will allow us to gather customer behavioural and attitudinal data around opportunities, often via false doors and qualitative testing that provides a stronger signal than simple surveys or anecdote.

At the end of this sprint, we will deliver prioritised ideas or concepts based on real-world customer data and updated business case or projections on their impact to make the case for any further investment or change.

Create something people actually want

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Why should you do this?

During a period of uncertainty, everyone has different ideas about how to adapt offerings, or pivot, but it is hard to make priority calls or have confidence in what customers value right now without data. This sprint will provide clarity and alignment around opportunities that are emerging right now which can be proposed with confidence from live customer data to input into modelling and projections. This will help create a business case to gain wider organisational buy-in on new growth opportunities.

This has the potential to kick start a new proposition or service investment led by consumer insights. Alternatively, it could just help pivots to existing offering in areas such as price, proposition, positioning. This will reinforce your organisations growth prospects and resilience.


Why choose Kin + Carta?

This hypothesising and data gathering is at the core of our discovery process. In the last quarter we've working with many of our clients on exactly this. Some recent examples include

A utility company:

investigating new bundles of services to pivot into becoming a broader lifestyle brand, testing appeal and pricing, uncovering propositions with twice conversion rate of existing offerings.

Online D2C retailer:

testing appeal, pricing and messaging of a new subscription proposition, ruling out expensive build and launch due to limited viability

To make a success of this, we will need half a day with your team for the workshop, alongside commercial and customer analytics data.

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