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Build a Rapid Response Chat Agent

Kin + Carta's Resilience Sprints

Create an autonomous agent to handle high volumes of customer inbound enquiries at scale

We exist in an age of great uncertainty and resilient organisations are acting now to adapt, survive and thrive in this ongoing crisis. Organisations can adapt to customer channel switching and behaviour changes by automating in-bound triage and enquiry handling, ensuring that contact centre's agents are able to respond to more complex customer queries.


Rapid response sprint outcome

What are we offering?

We will design, develop and test a prototype rapid response bot based supported by a knowledge graph and intents based on existing FAQs and materials.
This prototype rapid response bot will be ready to deploy to your web channels, test, learn and iterate based on real-world customer interaction

Solve your customer service backlog in less than two weeks

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Why should you do this?

You may be experiencing large volumes of inbound customer enquiries that are overloading contact centres or other colleague driven customer service channels.

This sprint will aim to immediately reduce load on other customer service channels and help you understand emerging customer uncertainties and concerns

This also has the potential to kickstart a broader conversational strategy for customer experience and a more efficient hybrid approach to customer service agent workflows


Why choose Kin + Carta?

We work very closely with Google as one of their Global Rapid Response Virtual Agent Integration Partners. As an official RRVA integration partner and experienced leader in Conversational AI, we can quickly implement and customise Rapid Response Virtual Agents to increase customer satisfaction, cut training costs, and improve overall operational efficiency.

Some recent client successes include

A grocery retailer:

we created a rapid response bot to handle inbound queries on COVID safety, opening hours etc. This was developed and released in 9 days, handling millions of inbound queries so far

A luxury retailer:

we identified and prioritised the areas that can be automated in a Live-Person chat interface, to increase conversion and reduce agent load

To be successful, we’ll need system, data and API access where appropriate, alongside existing FAQs and documentation.


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