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Kin + Carta's Resilience Sprints

Accelerate your app modernisation journey, today.

Modern applications enable organisations to instantly respond to changes in the market and customer need, experimenting with new technologies and services, and quickly building out the successes to scale. Application Modernisation is crucial in this age of uncertainty and rapid change.


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What are we offering?

A workshop completely tailored to your organisation and the stage you are at in your Application Modernisation Journey. Example topics include:

- A deep dive into what a modern architecture and delivery approach looks like, targeted to your industry

- Leading industry expertise around the role of modern applications unique to your context in driving operational efficiency for your organisation and working together to define an agreed target state.

- Explore current state and pain points which is limiting your organisation from hitting its true potential. We will help you lay the foundations to change your customers experience

- An overview of the business impacts of Google's toolkit of technologies for your customers at different stages of their journey

- A post workshop report of prioritised ideas and next steps.

Uncover the opportunity for a modern application stack

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Why should your company sign up?

The process of modernising your existing legacy applications and platform infrastructure has never been more business critical. The benefits are undeniable and will immediately accelerate new feature delivery, allow you to scale with ease and improve performance throughout all your platforms. However, application modernisation is not something that happens overnight and many organisations struggle to decide where to start.

Where we have seen the most success with modernisation is when there is a strategy, tactically chosen technologies and clear KPI's and timelines. This workshop will provide that jump-start and clarity you need to start your application journey. 

Why Kin + Carta?

We partner with organisations to transform their delivery approach, ways of working and application architecture to increase speed to value and product quality. We have succeeded where others have failed in big enterprises to mid market organisations. We excel when we partner with organisations to transform the customer experience or anything and everything with unstructured data. In the last 10 years, we've worked with some of the worlds biggest organisations to do just this. Here are a few examples: 

A retailer:

Kin + Carta worked with the client on a complete rebuild and redesign of its entire web offering whilst also creating a brand new mobile app for one of the largest areas of the business. Read the full case study here.

Gordon Food Service:

Kin + Carta Create built a new ordering application using microservices on Google Kubernetes Engine, a managed service that enables rapid application development and iteration by making it easy to deploy, update, and manage applications and services. Read the full case study here.

Met Office:

Underpinning the Met Office’s digital channels is a bleeding-edge, Cloud-based middleware layer fully engineered by Kin + Carta Create. Aptly named the Weather Cloud, this purpose-built platform optimises complex weather and scientific data for a range of Met Office platforms. Read the full case study here.

Finally, to do what we do best, we partner with the best technology companies in the world. Our partnership with Google enables us to install and optimise their applications in a way that adds the highest benefit to our client, whether thats through return of investment, business growth or operational efficiency. Find out more about our partnership with Google here.   

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