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Resilience Sprints

Kin + Carta's

Jump-starts to unlock action and make progress in a volatile reality

We exist in a time of great uncertainty. Resilient organisations are acting now to adapt, survive and thrive. With the rapidly changing context, we have developed a set of sprints to directly address your organisation’s current challenges, and help you make progress, not hit pause.

Today, it’s crucial to align quickly, and move decisively.

The resilience imperative arrives at a time of tougher constraints:

Commercial - uncertainty around revenues, cashflows and business viability

Collaborative- hard to align and communicate fully with a distributed workforce

Psychological - fear about overcommitting amidst volatility, temptation to pause activities

Kin + Carta’s Resilience Sprints directly engage with these challenges

Based on the activities and outcomes that have proven to be the most effective for our clients through 2020 so far, we have created a toolkit of sprints. We can run-these rapidly, on-demand, and ‘off-the-shelf’, or take a more tailored approach as required.

Let us know what challenges your business is experiencing and we will build a sprint

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A selection of our resilience sprints:

Phone using VOIP in customer service

Build a rapid response agent

Creating an autonomous agent, we will enable you to handle high volumes of customer inbound enquiry at scale

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Accessing data for growth

Get data on new growth opportunities

Using lean experimentation we will get live customer data on what people actually want, helping you shape your business focus

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App modernisation technology image

App Modernisation, Powered by Google

Accelerate your app modernisation journey, today.

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Man looking at graphs on ipad

Enhance your margin

Through workshops, interviews and commercial analysis, we will identify areas to quickly eliminate unnecessary costs from your business

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Data sets and code

Data Driven Optimisation

Using data and customer insight, we will develop a roadmap and change programme that is grounded in ROI potential

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Logistics and working room

Streamlined tooling for key workers

We will create simple tools to improve the experience for operations and logistics personnel who are under increasing strain

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