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Meet Volume with Velocity

Meet Volume with Velocity: Support Surging Contact Centers with AI-Enabled Customer Experiences

Amid the uncertainty of COVID-19, businesses are taking on floods of customer requests, armed with understaffed contact centers and information that changes in real-time. Conversational AI-service, chatbot-powered platforms such as Google CCAI are proving irreplaceable solutions for businesses looking to scale their customer service operations with accuracy, empathy, and speed.

Google’s US Customer Engineer, Matthew Di Bari and Ashling Partners Founder Marshall Sied join Kin + Carta’s CTO Ryan Maguire to break down the next-generation capabilities of Google’s Dialogflow and CCAI platforms, the tangible value to be unlocked, and strategies to keep customers engaged and informed from one touchpoint to the next.

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Marshall Sied, Intelligent Automation Enabler l Founder, Ashling Partners
Matt Di Bari, Cloud Customer Engineer, Google
Ryan Maguire, VP of Emerging Capabilities & AI, Kin + Carta

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