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Business Resilience Index 2022

The Kin + Carta

Get closer to customers and employees

Kin + Carta’s Business Resilience Index is back for 2022 looking at how organisations are dealing with changing times. In this year’s report you’ll learn how shareholder capitalism is giving way to a future-focused stakeholder capitalism with concern for planetary and societal impacts. You’ll discover how your business can follow the same path and help build a more digital, sustainable and inclusive future for everyone.

Thrive through the experience of cross-sector reinvention

Read the Business Resilience Index to: • Learn the data-led markers of business resilience • Share best practices brands are putting in place to future proof their business • Discover why 79% believe businesses should invest in sustainable digital transformation • Measure your performance against the most resilient sectors and organisations

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Research to plot your future

With a firm belief in ‘what gets measured gets managed’, the Index plots the characteristics and practices that constitute resilience to help you measure and improve yours. The analysis takes into account considerations including business model, working practices, long-term purpose and balancing people, purpose and profit to determine business resilience. The result is an Index based on four contributing dimensions: Agility, Maturity, Responsibility and Humanity. 

The dial has now shifted towards responsibility as COP26 and the most recent IPCC report has pushed sustainability up the consumer agenda. However, 'Responsibility’ was still the lowest scoring factor for brands.. there has never been a more pressing time to invest in the people who power your business - your customers and employees.

Claire Robinson - Director of Transformation and Consultancy, Kin + Carta

What is the Index? 

The Kin + Carta Business Resilience Index was developed in 2020 as a response to central questions posed by COVID-19: what is resilience and how can we ensure our organisations become more resilient as the pace of change increases? In a double vaccinated world the narrative has shifted from reactive to proactive. The question now is how can we make sure our organisations continue to thrive through reinvention?

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